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About us

Madras Café

Madras Café has been appearing at WOMAD Festival since 1992.  What started that year as a chai stall with ‘attitude’ is now a much appreciated annual feature of WOMAD serving freshly cooked, Indian, vegetarian, food to over 4,000 people during the four days.  Staffed entirely by volunteers, all the profits from Madras Café go back to Action Village India (AVI) to support rural initiatives and help to combat poverty and social injustice across India.
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Action Village India (AVI)

AVI supports Indian organisations who work alongside women, men and children in some of the remotest parts of rural India so they can access their rights and improve their livelihoods and resilience, without being held back by their gender, caste or religious beliefs.  


They support initiatives focused on land and water rights, maternal and child health, girls’ education, women’s economic empowerment and disability rights.  Their support is founded on the two principles that are at the core of everything AVI stands for: Partnership and Solidarity.

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Madras Café Unlocked

With WOMAD cancelled for 2020, Madras Cafe and AVI now bring you our reimagined event - Madras Café Unlocked. An exciting online programme of music, cooking, workshops, discussions, exhibitions, poetry and much more.

We hope you enjoy it!

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