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Paths Towards Climate Justice: Adaptation and Community Actions

Climate Justice and Just Transitions are vital responses to our Climate Emergency. Adaptation is vital for many ‘climate frontier’ communities. What is necessary and possible will be discussed by practitioners from different parts of India.

8e.3.1 – Response to Man-made Disasters

About the Event...

Great attention has been given internationally to mitigation actions, brought together at the COP summits and the 2015 Paris Declaration which mandated national, timetabled programmes of action. In theory!


However, support for adaptation to the actual and likely effects of climate change is worryingly low. The growing, unavoidable truth is that the people who have made the least contributions to climate change are some of the most affected. This injustice is widely predicted to become clearer and harsher year on year.


How we can and must respond will be discussed by practitioners from different parts of India.



Kailash Chandra Dash

Executive Director of Regional Centre for Development Cooperation in Odisha

​Based in Odisha, one of India’s least ‘developed’ states, RCDC addresses environment and people-centred issues. RCDC became Action Village India’s partner in 2018 and together we have launched a new phase of the fishing communities’ livelihoods and land rights project around Chilika Lake, Odisha. 


S.R. Founder and Director of CRUSADE, Tamil Nadu, India

Jothi Ramalingam

CRUSADE, founded in 1991 by Jothi Ramalingam, works closely with communities to bring about sustainable changes that improve the livelihoods of the poor. Before establishing CRUSADE, Jothi worked with Action Village India’s first partner – ASSEFA.


Dilip Banerjee

Based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Dilip left his career as a trade union leader in the mid-1980s and moved to Calcutta, joining the Child in Need Institute (CINI). In 1995 Dilip left CINI to work for Oxfam in the cyclone-torn Sunderbans in West Bengal. Dilip has been working with and supporting RCDC in its work with communities around Chilika Lake and elsewhere in Odisha.


Chair, Action Village India

Andy Rutherford

Andy Rutherford has worked with community-based and peoples organisations in Asia, Africa and Central America over the last 35
Since 2012 Andy has established one of the UK’s few not-for-profits travel companies, Fresh Eyes which campaigns for a global Just Green Tourism.

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