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Food for Thought


Watch the fabulous Madras Café Cooks launching the Madras Café Cookbook 2, which offers fresh inspiration for those who want to explore authentic Indian flavours and easy, home-made,  Indian cooking that prioritises the environment, without sacrificing pleasure or taste.  They l also host sessions to explore the tastes of the Thali and seeking the perfect Idli.  All accompanied of course with the perfect cup of Chai, in hand, courtesy of our cook Umesh. 


Launch of Food for Thought stage and Madras Café Cookbook 2

Watch the Kick-off of the Food for Thought Stage with our Madras Café Cooks.  Get to know who they are and find out more about the new Madras Cafe Cookbook 2. 

Chilli madras cafe.jpg

Cooks Hour:

Spices without Borders

Watch the Madras Café Cooks in this session to get an insight into the spices used in Indian food.

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Sound Bites

View  the food conversations from the communal sleeping tent at Madras Café.  Vibha, Linda and Fran talk about their passions for food.


Cooks Hour:

Thali Talk

Watch the Madras Café Cooks in a collective discussion about the Thali in different cultures and behind the scenes of the Madras Café Thali. 

Womad 2011_0540.jpg

Chai Morning

with Umesh Patel

A cup of chai makes everything better.  Feel warm on a cold day and feel cool on a hot day, with a cup of masala chai.  Learn how to make the perfect chai with Madras Cafe Cook, Umesh.

Womad 2011_0561.jpg

Cooks Hour:

Quest for the perfect Idli

The journey in search of the perfect idli has been long.  See if we have we found the holy grail?

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