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Madras Boombox


Through Madras Boombox, you will find sessions covering Indian tribal music such as Adivasi and Santhal and also music from the Mopla community in Kerala, as well as classical Indian music.   We have a guest appearance from Sarathy Korwar and a session with musicologist Rolf Killius (curator of the Indian tribal music collection for the British Library).  You can watch artists from Darbar Arts Culture Heritage Trust who will broadcast two of their ground-breaking concerts and performances featuring world class maestros and impressive emerging talent.  


Giuliano Modarelli live stream curated by Darbar

Bringing the magic of Indian Classical Music to stir, thrill and inspire our audience. Giuliano is being accompanied by Gurdain Rayatt on Tabla.


Painting a Picture of Rural Music from India with Rolf Killius

Ivan Nutbrown, from Action Village India, interviews videographer and ethnomusicologist Rolf Killius about his mission to document and research traditional music from India.  Rolf plays and introduces selected musical pieces from members of rural communities.

Ansuman Biswas 010.jpg

The Music of What Happens
curated by Ansuman Biswas

A journey through the diverse practice of artist and musician Ansuman Biswas as he explores some of the underlying philosophies and social outcomes of listening with devoted attention.


Hear and Now

curated by Sarathy Korwar

Presenting a selection of contemporary, independent music coming out of India, curated by Sarathy Korwar.

09 Roopa Panesar by Arnhel de Serra.jpg

Roopa Panesar live stream 

curated by Darbar

Bringing the magic of Indian Classical music to thrill, inspire and stir the soul. Roopa is being accompanied by Shahbaz Hussain on Tabla. Sound and Mix by Kaviraj Singh.

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