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Gentle Movement and Yoga with Kathy Siddle

Explore the relationship between the spine, gravity, and the breath, gently undoing to invite movement and fluidity in your body.


About the Event

Kathy Siddle invites you to join her for an hour of gentle movement and yoga – yoga inspired by the late Vanda Scaravelli.


Being present and aware throughout, we will undo the tense and tighter areas of our bodies with gentle movements; rediscover the connections between the breath, gravity, and the spine; and, as we grow roots down to the earth beneath, the body will remain light and spacious, creating the conditions to move more freely.


Join Kathy on this journey of discovery, whether a beginner or experienced – everyone is welcome. Just bring yourself and an open mind!



Kathy Siddle

Kathy has been practising Scaravelli inspired yoga for 23 years and teaching for ten, currently online. She loves this practice and feels freer in her body, more aware, more alive.


She became an Action Village India (AVI) supporter some years ago and was also a trustee and volunteer, sometimes with AVI at Madras Café! In January, she visited AVI’s partners’ projects to see how local farmers in Tamil Nadu were successfully mitigating the effects of climate change. She is currently Secretary to Jai Jagat 2020 UK, a group that supports Ekta Parishad (AVI’s partner) and Jai Jagat.

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