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Madras Café Cookbook 2


''I'm delighted to report, having cooked every single recipe from the first volume of the Madras Café book, each one is an absolute gem- easy, delicious and authentic. 


It remains my go-to cookbook, BUT there is a new kid on the block... 


I am delighted to welcome this second Madras Café Cookbook:  full of fresh recipes to try.

I have no hesitation at all in writing this:  get yourself a copy as soon as you are able. Let Madras Café and Action Village India bring you to the heart of this world-beating cuisine.

Buy the book, start to cook, and thank them for the keys to the doors of the most tantalising, life-affirming dishes you can create right there in your own kitchen''.


- Cerys Matthews


Following on from the bestselling Madras Café Cookbook 1, the Madras Café cooks are back with an exciting Madras Café Cookbook 2 – with 70 brand new recipes.  The new cookbook offers fresh inspirations for those who want to explore authentic Indian flavours; easy to make, home-made, Indian cooking that prioritises the environment without sacrificing pleasure or taste.

Over the years, Madras Café has become a well-loved feature of the WOMAD Festival, known with affection not just for food and friendliness but for promoting and fundraising for Action Village India. The all-new cookbook includes many of the Café all-time favourite vegetarian recipes and brand-new vegan recipes.

We launched the new cookbook on Friday 24th July at 3 pm during the Madras Café Unlocked weekend.

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