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Madras Café Family

After all these years of the Madras family coming together at WOMAD, we are sharing it all in a wonderful slideshow, digitally taking you through the weekend from tent building to our volunteer finale party.  Come and meet the people behind Madras Café in our ‘Humans of Madras Café’ video and thumb throuhg the 'album' to find fellow volunteers and reminisce using our ‘chat function.  Join’ our volunteers (Meera, Kanwal and Kathy) in their dance and yoga workshops.  

12.2.1 – Madras Café – Block 2 – Photo 1

Madras Café Unlocked Launch

Humans of Madras Café

Watch our kick-off to Madras Café Unlocked where we hear more about Action Village India and hear from Madras Café Volunteers what it means to be a part of Madras Café.


Gentle Movement and Yoga

with Kathy Siddle

Explore the relationship between the spine, gravity, and the breath, gently undoing to invite movement and fluidity in your body.

Kanwal Koh Samui 2020-09290.jpg

Yogabliss hatha yoga class

with Kanwal Ahluwalia

A deep release class designed to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate you at every level.

Pagrav Utsav-306.jpg

Kathak Dance Workshop 

with Meera Patel

Join Meera in this Kathak Dance workshop which will take you through some technical aspects of kathak.  It is the perfect introduction to kathak to enjoy at home!

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