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Discussion on Climate Change, Agroecology and Social Justice.

Join Guy Singh-Watson of Riverford Farms, Anya Nanning Ramamurthy, a young Climate Activist together with Andy Rutherford, Chair of AVI.

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About the Event

Join Guy Singh-Watson of Riverford Farms, Anya Nanning Ramamurthy, a young Climate Activist together with Andy Rutherford, Chair of AVI.

Guy Singh-Watson is a self-confessed veg nerd, he has over the last 30 years taken Riverford from one man and a wheelbarrow delivering homegrown organic veg to friends, to a national veg box scheme delivering to around 50,000 customers a week.

Guy has always believed that organic food should not be elitist, but accessible for everyone. He has built Riverford to give a fair deal to all – growers, staff, customers and the planet. All of this was recognised in 2015 when Riverford veg boxes were awarded Ethical Product of the Decade at the Observer Ethical Awards.


Guy Singh-Watson

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Guy is an inspirational, passionate, opinionated and admired figure in the world of organic farming, who still spends more time in the fields than in the boardroom. Twice awarded BBC Radio 4 Farmer of the Year, Guy is passionate about sharing with others the organic farming and business knowledge he has accumulated over the last three decades.


His weekly veg box newsletters connect customers to the farm with refreshingly honest accounts of the trials and tribulations of producing organic food, and the occasional rant about farming, ethical and business issues he feels strongly about.

Anya Nanning Ramamurthy


Anya Nanning Ramamurthy is a young climate activist, climate striker and London Quaker for whom climate justice, rooted as it is in inequality, has to be central to our efforts to achieve a just and enduring peace.  She believes we must prepare for the eventuality that climate breakdown could fan the flames of war and injustice. In 2019, aged 17, Anya addressed faith groups with a call for climate justice ahead of the climate lobby of Parliament in June that year.  One of her messages is that we must not only address and confront injustice, we must be active. We need to voice our views, loud and clear, be active and engage politically. It is up to us all to confront injustice and hold our leaders to account. We must build the world as we want to see it.

Andy Rutherford


Andy Rutherford is Chair of Action Village India. Andy has been involved with the Asia Europe People's Forum since 1996 and one of their core themes is Food Sovereignty. In these COVID times they have organised a range of online seminars and two of the most recent ones have been on Food Sovereignty issues. 

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